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Jobs in Kabul 2016

  Date Source Title
 01-Mar-2015Daily AajUrgently Staff Required for Istanbul Hypokrat Diagnostic Laboratory Afghanistan
 27-Feb-2015Daily MashriqKhana e Noor Educational Network Afghanistan Job Opportunities in Mazar e Sharif Campus
 01-Feb-2015Daily MashriqVacancy Announcement in Khana e Noor University (Private Sector University), Kabul Afghanistan
 25-Jan-2015The DawnPosition Required for Aga Khan Planning and Building Services Pakistan for Afghanistan Project
 04-Aug-2014Daily AajJobs in New Bost Hospital Afghanistan
 27-Jun-2014Daily AajPhysician Jobs in Hospital Afghanistan
 14-Jun-2014Daily AajDoctors Required in Afghanistan
 19-May-2014NawaiwaqtField Surveyors Jobs The Urban Unit Lahore
 25-Mar-2014Daily AajJobs in Public Sector Organization Kabul Afghanistan
 17-Nov-2013Daily AajMedical Staff Required in Afghanistan Hospital
 16-Aug-2013Daily AajJob Opportunities in Ahmedzai Hospital
 05-Aug-2013Daily JangJobs in Geo Chem Afghanistan
 19-Apr-2013Daily JangJob Opportunities In Construction Company Afghanistan
 18-Apr-2013Daily AajJobs In Sunshine Institute of Higher Education Khost Campus
 24-Mar-2013Daily AajDoctors & Staff Required In Afghan German International Hospital Kabul
 05-Mar-2013Daily AajJobs In Agrochemical Firm Kabul Afghanistan
 18-Feb-2013Daily AajJob Opportunities In Century Land Kabul Afghanistan
 17-Feb-2013Daily ExpressStaff Required For Kabul Afghanistan
 17-Feb-2013Daily AajJobs In Century Land Kabul Afghanistan
 07-Jan-2013Daily AajJob Opportunities In Safi Education Network Afghanistan Kabul
 06-Jan-2013Daily AajJob Opportunities In Safi Education Network Afghanistan Kabul
 04-Nov-2012Daily AajJobs In Boost Hospital Afghanistan Kabul
 16-Oct-2012Daily AajFaculty Required - Bakhtar University Kabul Afghanistan
 17-Aug-2012The DawnCareer Opportunities In Afghanistan
 16-Aug-2012Daily AajJobs In Kateb University Kabul Afghanistan
 27-Jul-2012Daily AajJobs In Hospital Kabul Afghanistan
 10-Jul-2012Daily AajJob Opportunities, Karwan University Kabul Afghanistan
 25-Dec-2011Daily JangJob Opportunity - Khan Brothers, Afghanistan
 21-Jan-2011Daily JangJobs Kardan Institute of Higher Education Afghanistan
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